Winner Take All, The CD by Solutions

Songs From The Inner Court
The new CD by Joe Mead


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Years ago we got together with one purpose–to worship to an audience of One. Late at night, we met to worship Jesus, the Son of God without the pressures of performance and peoples opinions. We removed all the chairs and placed a single chair in the middle of the room, and sang to Him from the deep places in our hearts. To our amazement we discovered something...prophetic worship. Unrehearsed and raw, God honored our faith by moving through us with new songs, signs, visions, and unforgettable encounters with Him that many times went on into the morning hours. We called it the “Inner Court”—the place where God stretched His Heavenly wings over us, and we boldly approached the mercy seat found in the Holy of Holies.

The songs on this album are a hand-full of the songs that were caught in those Inner Court moments with God, where He put a new song in our mouth. We are excited to share with you the spontaneous praise the Lord gave us that we believe is spirit and truth.