Jugghead: 48505

The new CD by Jugghead


Jugghead, formerly of M2S and The International Phalanx, makes his triumphant return to the mic with his new CD 48505. This project was 3 years in the making, and is Jugg's way of bringing something new to Hip-Hop and rap music. He made these songs with the intent of bringing new perspectives on Hip-Hop's conventions, like on the lead single "My Pride." he also wanted to introduce new types of rap songs that cover subject matter that rap rarely treads, like on "Vows," which he intended to be Hip-Hop's first real wedding song. He is joined on the project by guests Dr. Jarvis Richardson on "YHWH," Radio Personality DJ PC on "Arena," and his own brother LyriCal on "Arena" and "Twist & Clap." Jugghead did most of his own production, basing much of his music on songs in his diverse collection of music. His musical influences range from Jazz to R&B to even video games, movie scores and country/western music. His father Calvin Williams co-produced "The Enemy," "Twist & Clap," and "Vows," and LyriCal Co-produced "Dippin'," "The Smackoff" (which is an homage to sports personality Jim Rome), and "We're Number One."